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LSCS: No Discussions on Replacing Chris Daniel on Trustee Board

While it is still three days away, I figured I might as well play devil’s advocate and asked Ray Laughter, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs for the Lone Star College System, what plans, if any, had been made should Trustee Chris Daniel win his election for Harris County District Clerk.

In short, Laughter said, there were no plans considered as of yet.

“Not wanting to get ahead of anything, I don’t believe there has been any discussion about the process to replace Chris Daniel if he were to resign from our board,” Laughter said.

“In the past the board has appointed a committee to review candidates and make recommendations for appointment, in this case for the year and a half remaining on his term.”

Daniel will face Democratic incumbent Loren Jackson for the Clerk’s Office on Tuesday.


What’s the Beef Between Ramsey Elder and CFISD Board Candidate Bill Henderson?

Dirty politics is nothing new, but rarely do you see the kind of campaign being waged against conservative Cypress-Fairbanks ISD board candidate Bill Henderson., a website launched against Henderson, frames Dr. John Ogletree’s re-election bid challenger as a ineffective one-term Harris County judge with a string of legal and financial problems, including run-ins with law enforcement and deadbeat dad status on child support payments.

The website, paid for by Harris County Precinct 015 Chair and accountant Ramsay Elder, has some conservatives scratching their heads as to why the author would eat one of his own.  Or, why he would be throwing the election for a known “liberal Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008”, says Lone Star College-CyFair Republican Club chairman Matthew Conner.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, Ogletree has made only some $750 in contributions to two Democratic candidates, including U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18), and Kevin Powell, a candidate for New York’s 10th Congressional District who lost in the Democratic primary.

Claims Ogletree supported President Obama in 2008 could not be substantiated.

Elder’s FEC contributions record looks like any perennial and well-funded Republican contributor’s wrap sheet, with some $23,000 in donations to Republican candidates.

So, what’s with Elder’s beef? And why would he commit an action which would result in the status quo for CFISD?  Talk amongst yourselves.

Motorcyclists, Please Be Careful and Wear a Helmet

I believe every human life is important, which is why I was genuinely concerned to see Life Flight leaving a street adjacent to Lone Star College-CyFair this morning following a motorcycle accident.

Traffic was backed up on Barker Cypress for almost an hour this morning in both directions.

So often, especially on our freeways, I see motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic. If my mom is in the car, I have to warn her as I see them flying behind me as not to allow her to jump by the sound; but, even more scary is the fact that so many motorcycle owners want to exhibit unsafe behavior with 2 ton vehicles in front of them. Without a helmet.

Did you know…

  • Over 4800 died in motorcycle accidents in 2006
  • 752 of motorcycle accident fatalities would have survived with a helmet
  • Motorcycle helmets saved 1658 lives that same year

Source: Finch/McCranie LLP

Please wear a motorcycle helmet every time you ride, even if it just down the street or through your neighborhood. You never know when that helmet might save your life.

This might also be a good time to thank the good people of the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department and other local first responders; your service and sacrifice is appreciated.

Another Conservative Blog?

Let’s face it. I’ve been down this road before.

Like so many others on the Internet, you sign up for your WordPress account, register a worthwhile moniker, get all gung ho about visions of affecting the blogosphere with your wit and wisdom; so, why I am starting another conservative blog?

Blame the Lone Star College-CyFair Republican Club, and today’s meeting speaker, Corie Whalen of American Majority, whose topic on using social media to inspire others to vote conservative struck a chord with me.

Did you know only 6,600 people search the term “conservative blogs” each month on Google, according to the AdWords keyword tool? (Here are the top 10 conservative blogs).

On the flip side, did you know Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and talk radio audiences routinely trump in size the audience for “mainstream” media? Don’t believe me? For 106 months and counting, Fox News has beat CNN and MSNBC consecutively, according to the unbias Nielsen Ratings. 

Wall Street Journal’s  increasing circulation is amazing considering the number of other papers around them struggling to survive. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck maintain their audiences while liberal radio tries and fails. (See Air America Radio…)

So, why not the Internet? 

Drudge and Breitbart aside, liberal political blogs tend to fair better and engage Internet users better, said Whalen. There seems to be a technology gap between liberals and conservatives.  The campaign websites are evidence enough.

Age likely plays a huge role, with fewer young people engaged in politics in general, conservative and libertarian included.

And so, here we are, on day one of Otros Dos Centavos, considering the role this slice of cyberspace shall play in the political world. (And, yes, the title is indeed a play on Stace Medellin’s Dos Centavos. If you are a liberal, you can get your CHANGE there… ¡Sí, se puede!)

Stay, read, engage, vote. And if you are a young conservative with a computer, participate.