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2 Houston Libertarians Surge in Popularity on KHOU Website

Glass (top) and Townsend (bottom)

Videos featuring Kathie Glass, Libertarian candidate for Texas Governor, and Bob Townsend, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congressional Dist. 7, have surged in viewership on KHOU Channel 11’s website, making them the two most watched videos on the site.

Glass, whose video comes second to Townsend, advocates for border control and getting “our fiscal house in order,” while appealing to disaffected Perry and White voters.

Meanwhile, Townsend takes a hard line against the status quo, who will increase the size and scope of government and trample on the sovereign and Constitutional rights of Texans.

According to a recent Texas Tribune poll, Glass garnered 8 percent support among those polled (797 persons). The poll, taken before an October 19 debate between Glass, Democratic candidate Bill White, and Green Party candidate Deb Shafto, does not reflect what the campaign maintains is an even higher base of support.

Gov. Rick Perry did not appear at the debate, or any debate this election.

Townsend, meanwhile, will face Republican incumbent Rep. John Culberson.

Texas Libertario proudly supports and endorses the Harris County and statewide Libertarian Party ticket, including Kathie Glass for Governor and Bob Townsend for U.S. Congress, Dist. 7.


Allen Fletcher Forgets Who Employed Him, Goes Native

Allen Fletcher

"Native Son" State Rep. Allen Fletcher (R-130)

Like so many who have gone to Austin before him, State Rep. Allen Fletcher (R-130) has forgotten who his boss is–the people of the 130th Texas House district!

On Fletcher’s Facebook profile, the Republican freshman shows how out of touch he is by incorrectly listing “Texas Capitol” as his employer.  After only a single term, Fletcher has gone native! We might as well call him an Austinite! By forgetting those to whom he is beholden, its probably be we lower our expectations.

BUT WAIT! A conservative waits in the wings! Please vote for Joe Spencer for District 130, and lets get ourselves a real, responsive representative again!

If elected, Joe Spencer won’t go native. In fact, he has professed to vote the will of the people, saying before casting his ballot on any legislation that “The People of District 130 votes…”

Meanwhile, 5 Signs Allen Fletcher has Gone Native

  1. Fletcher thinks eVerify is more important than border security
  2. He was investigated by the Justice Department
  3. Accepted more than $38,000 in special interest contributions
  4. Works closely with Sen. Dan Patrick (R-7)
  5. Authored 6 bills to increase taxes, local bureaucracy (unelected boards)

Please early vote for Joe Spencer for Texas.

Another Conservative Blog?

Let’s face it. I’ve been down this road before.

Like so many others on the Internet, you sign up for your WordPress account, register a worthwhile moniker, get all gung ho about visions of affecting the blogosphere with your wit and wisdom; so, why I am starting another conservative blog?

Blame the Lone Star College-CyFair Republican Club, and today’s meeting speaker, Corie Whalen of American Majority, whose topic on using social media to inspire others to vote conservative struck a chord with me.

Did you know only 6,600 people search the term “conservative blogs” each month on Google, according to the AdWords keyword tool? (Here are the top 10 conservative blogs).

On the flip side, did you know Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and talk radio audiences routinely trump in size the audience for “mainstream” media? Don’t believe me? For 106 months and counting, Fox News has beat CNN and MSNBC consecutively, according to the unbias Nielsen Ratings. 

Wall Street Journal’s  increasing circulation is amazing considering the number of other papers around them struggling to survive. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck maintain their audiences while liberal radio tries and fails. (See Air America Radio…)

So, why not the Internet? 

Drudge and Breitbart aside, liberal political blogs tend to fair better and engage Internet users better, said Whalen. There seems to be a technology gap between liberals and conservatives.  The campaign websites are evidence enough.

Age likely plays a huge role, with fewer young people engaged in politics in general, conservative and libertarian included.

And so, here we are, on day one of Otros Dos Centavos, considering the role this slice of cyberspace shall play in the political world. (And, yes, the title is indeed a play on Stace Medellin’s Dos Centavos. If you are a liberal, you can get your CHANGE there… ¡Sí, se puede!)

Stay, read, engage, vote. And if you are a young conservative with a computer, participate.