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Best and Worst Campaign Websites: Harris County Democratic Edition

Earlier this week, I analyzed the websites of Harris County Republicans.  Now, it is the Democrats’ turn.

As I have previously suggested, Democrats will always win the war on the web when it comes to information and web design, only because they have an actively engaged youth bloc that knows technology.  You know the type: liberal, ugly feet-in-sandals, environmental t-shirt wearing, vegan Starbucks fan who is always plugged in on their iPhone, flipping through their apps, updating Twitter, etc. Yeah, that nuisance.

And even if the Democrats have found a nice niche for their beautiful web wares, the truth remains, if they are of the liberal brand, their sites are nice but their policies are dumb! On to the sites:

The Best

Best Party Website in Harris County

Designed in the same vein of the Barack Obama campaign, the Harris County Democratic Party offers nothing new in terms of design, but it is still the best political party website (for now!) in Harris County, Texas. I won’t say much else, because a liberals are a prideful bunch and will gloat any chance they get.

Best State Senator’s Site: Rodney Ellis

State Sen. Rodney Ellis (D13) wins by default in the absence of a website by the Harris County Democratic Party’s other local senator, the venerable Sen. John Whitmire (D-15).   Much like Republican Sen. Dan Patrick (R-7), Ellis’ site is well connected for social networking and built for effective communications. But, unlike Patrick, I doubt Rodney Ellis will be the next gubernatorial prospect from his party.

Best State Rep’s Site: Kristi Thibaut

State Rep. Kristi Thibaut (D-133) has a website that is probably one of the best in Texas, in terms of simplicity, organization and effectiveness in engaging readers.  I am always a fan of retro fonts, and Kristi’s site uses them in splashes in a way that makes it crisp and fun.

Best Website Flag: Rick Molina

While his website is of the dime-a-dozen Obama-like sites Democrats are hitching their posts to, Pasadena State Representative candidate Rick Molina (D-144) has a pretty cool flag which is reflective of the district’s industrial lifeblood, and his dream digs in Austin.

The Worst

The Best of the Worst Award: Garnet Coleman

While State Rep. Garnet Coleman (D-147) has a website that does the job,  it is very modular in design and in old school HTML. Additionally, whoever built the site did not designate a Metatitle which reflected whose website it was.  As a result, the web browser reads “Home” up top, which would not be typically good for Google search results, but then again, how many people do you know named Garnet Coleman?

Man of a Thousand Words Award: Scott Hochberg

State Rep. Scott Hochberg (D-137) is, in many respects, a statesman, even if he is a Democrat. I would be remiss not to applaud Hochberg on the many emails I have received over the years in which he linked to and explained the political process or something going on in the Democratic Party. Yet, I must admit his website is of that early 90s HTML look that makes me sad, especially since he has so many useful links and content. Furthermore, more images would help break up the very prolific Hochberg’s text.

Yeah, Right Award: Brad Neal

Perennial Democratic State Rep candidate Brad Neal (D-150) uses this piece of crap to get his gobbly goop across to the few Democrats who will bother to show up out there in State Rep. Debbie Riddle‘s turf. Neal has run twice, and will lose again on Tuesday’s General Election. You can blame it on the red nature of the district, but I’ll blame it on his website. Anybody who thinks text that size is appropriate doesn’t deserve to become a State Representative.

The Pretty-Ugly Award: Diane Trautman

I normally wouldn’t write about how pretty or ugly a candidate is, because I don’t like it how the media does that to female candidates of any party, but for a Democratic woman, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Diane Trautman is actually very gorgeous.  So, it hurts to see a nice photo of Mrs. Trautman being displayed on such a boring website, which is why she gets the Pretty-Ugly award: Pretty mug, ugly ass website.