Why was the Status Quo Upheld in CFISD Board Election?

Trustees Covey, Ogletree, and Ryan were reelected Tuesday, some by large margins, over an effort by conservatives to oust them from office.

Cy-Fair ISD voters returned John Ogletree, Don Ryan, and Bob Covey to the board of trustees for another three-year term Tuesday, after a concerted effort  to oust the incumbents.

Conservative challengers Bill Henderson, Kay Smith, and Scott Adams lost in their bids for the board, by 20 percent, 11 percent, and just 4 percent respectively.

Despite a banner year for Republicans and conservative candidates, I am a little surprised all three challengers failed. But in the end, what I think helped Ogletree, Ryan and Covey was group cohesiveness.

Did the signs cause CFISD's board challengers to fail?

People always seem to respond to “groupspeak.”  With the Citizens for Quality Cy-Fair ISD Trustees PAC behind them, joint signage, and what seemed like a good presence of canvassers at the polls, people more easily identified with the incumbents in a year when anti-incumbent sentiment was the theme.

If cohesion was a winning strategy, the conservative triumvirate had a mixed message of sorts, with similar-sized signs and apple logo, but different colors.

Adams, who was closest to winning, had black-on-yellow signage, far different from the red and blue signs the other two challengers used.

Sheer numbers clearly were also in play online and at the polls; on Facebook, the PAC has over 750 supporters, versus just 127 for the conservative challengers.

So, was it the cohesiveness and ease of incumbency, or the failings of the challengers to use such a strategy that caused them to fail? Hit me up in comments…

3 responses to “Why was the Status Quo Upheld in CFISD Board Election?

  1. They didn’t win because they were not the best choices! School board elections are supposed to be non-partisan and they tried to make it partisan. Incumbents running were also conservative Republicans. The Henderson, Smith, and Adams group were NOT the only conservatives running! One of the challengers has a personal bankruptcy and some reprimands and convictions in his past. Why would that make him a better manager of our money than the incumbent? One challenger touted that we should not be competing with daycares with the district’s new Club Rewind which provides before and after school care with certified teachers and educational aides. Then the challenger suggested that we should compete with other venues and get a liquor license so alcohol can be served in the Berry Center. Why would we want the district to open itself up to the liability of having a liquor license. The district is created to education children, not to serve alcohol at wedding reception and rock concerts!

    • Jill, thank you for your comments and thanks for reading! I agree that these elections should be kept non-partisan, but will take you at your word the incumbents are politically conservative, since I have not ever dealt with them in a partisan manner.

  2. I know that 2 are longtime Republicans. One of them I cannot speak to their political leanings.

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